5 Sweat-Proof Hairstyles to Rock at the Gym

With the holiday’s (and holiday parties) right around the corner, it can be reallyhard to fit in a good sweat session – but with endless potlucks, decedent desserts and divine wines a plenty – nothing is more important thank making the time to get in a little exercise.

No sweat, Hyde-Ewards is here to help with 5 sweat-proof hairstyles that take you from the gym to your holiday work party, in under 10 minutes! So train like a beast because we will have you looking like a beauty in no time!

The Spice Girl

Section your hair down the middle. Secure two pigtails on the back of your head near the crown. From here you have options – either secure each ponytail in a messy topknot or for a cleaner look, twist each pigtail around its base creating a mini bun, and secure with bobby pins.

The Chic Chignon


A low chignon (aka. the French word for bun) at the nape of your neck is a great way to vary the placement of your ponytail holder minimizing breakage to your coif. The best part? It actually looks better with day old hair, so this is the perfect hairstyle for the days you want to skip a wash. 

The Fancy Fishtail

For a high-drama look (especially when you have long hair), pull your strands up into a high ponytail and divide them into two sections. Take a small section of hair from the right side and cross it over the left side, then do the same from left to right. Repeat this motion until you reach the end and secure.

The Bun Braid

hyde ig-198.jpg

Secure your hair into a high pony tail, and braid your hair using the standard three section method, secure with ponytail holder. Then wrap the braid around the base ofyour ponytail and secure it with a bobbypin.

The Not So Basic Ponytail

Section off a mohawk section at the top of the head 2-3” wide. French braid the mohawk section to the crown of the head (or lower for a lower ponytail), secure with an elastic. Gather remaining hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic, and finish it with a braid of your choice (classic 3 strand, fishtail. Style Tip: This style is super secure, great for running!

We would love to hear from YOU! Let us know if you have questions on creating any of the looks above by dropping a comment below! Also, if there are any beauty topics or hair-care secrets you want to know let us know, who knows - the answers might just be in our next blog post! 

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Hairstyles by our fabulous Hairstylist's Haley BobbittZoudi Abraha

Hair Model Hailey Zanutto


Hairbrained Nominates Hyde-Edwards Stylist James Mould for LoFi Video of the Year


Hairbrained Nominates Hyde-Edwards Stylist James Mould for LoFi Video of the Year


Hairstyles, much like fashion are in a constant state of evolution - there is always a new trend to try out, or  a product to pump up the volume - but at the end of the day and no one knows hand crafted hair better than the creators of Hairbrained and the Hairbrained Video Awards.

Deemed one of the most prestigious platforms for innovation within the hair industry,  the Hairbrained video awards celebrates a collaborative community of stylists who showcase their work to inspire other stylists in the field.

So you can imagine our excitement here at Hyde-Edwards Salon & Spa, when our very own James Mould was nominated for Lo-Fi Video of the year,  after showcasing his skills with nothing but an iPhone and some shears.

Make sure to check out the full video here, and for a cut above the rest be sure to book your appointment today with James, or one of our other cutting edge hairstylists here at the salon. 




Recently Hyde Edwards in partnership with Davines was able to send four of our stylists to……. CHICAGO!!  Stylists at Hyde Edwards had the opportunity to participate in a contest, and the winners were Sarah, Suzy, Krista, and Mishel.  The prize?  Fly to Chicago, spend a few amazing days in this wonderful city, and take part in a “Spring Trends” class with some fabulous Davines Instructors!  Hyde Edwards prides itself in being able to have contests that give our Stylists unique opportunities for not only education but all around FUN!  The ladies who went on this trip, came back inspired and say that their instructor Antonio taught them to think outside the box.  Don’t overthink your process, and have FUN with what you are doing.  Can’t wait for these ladies to share with us all they learned on this wonderful trip!




We all know that keeping current and up to date in any profession is a MUST!  That is especially true when you are a hairstylist working in one of San Diego’s top salons.  As a client of one of many amazing stylists here at Hyde Edwards you will be excited to know the amount of the behind the scenes education that helps keep YOU looking beautiful!  Let me introduce to you one of our stylists……Ben Crase.  It’s safe to say that Ben is one of the most technical haircutters I know, and if you have ever sat in his chair or even watched from a distance I’m sure you would agree.  His attention to detail and precision is present in every single haircut he does, it’s like watching an artist create a masterpiece.  Even a stylist of that caliber knows the importance of always learning, challenging oneself, and pushing the bar!  Recently, Ben traveled to London where he attended one of the best instructional courses available at Allilon Academy.  The course was a four day affair  which covered primary shapes, learning from some of the best instructors in the industry.  Ben said what he learned in those four days was “mind-blowing” and “inspiring.”  Seems like time well spent, and hopefully he will share some of that knowledge with his Hyde Edwards peeps when he returns next week!