We all know that keeping current and up to date in any profession is a MUST!  That is especially true when you are a hairstylist working in one of San Diego’s top salons.  As a client of one of many amazing stylists here at Hyde Edwards you will be excited to know the amount of the behind the scenes education that helps keep YOU looking beautiful!  Let me introduce to you one of our stylists……Ben Crase.  It’s safe to say that Ben is one of the most technical haircutters I know, and if you have ever sat in his chair or even watched from a distance I’m sure you would agree.  His attention to detail and precision is present in every single haircut he does, it’s like watching an artist create a masterpiece.  Even a stylist of that caliber knows the importance of always learning, challenging oneself, and pushing the bar!  Recently, Ben traveled to London where he attended one of the best instructional courses available at Allilon Academy.  The course was a four day affair  which covered primary shapes, learning from some of the best instructors in the industry.  Ben said what he learned in those four days was “mind-blowing” and “inspiring.”  Seems like time well spent, and hopefully he will share some of that knowledge with his Hyde Edwards peeps when he returns next week!