With the holiday’s (and holiday parties) right around the corner, it can be reallyhard to fit in a good sweat session – but with endless potlucks, decedent desserts and divine wines a plenty – nothing is more important thank making the time to get in a little exercise.

No sweat, Hyde-Ewards is here to help with 5 sweat-proof hairstyles that take you from the gym to your holiday work party, in under 10 minutes! So train like a beast because we will have you looking like a beauty in no time!

The Spice Girl

Section your hair down the middle. Secure two pigtails on the back of your head near the crown. From here you have options – either secure each ponytail in a messy topknot or for a cleaner look, twist each pigtail around its base creating a mini bun, and secure with bobby pins.

The Chic Chignon


A low chignon (aka. the French word for bun) at the nape of your neck is a great way to vary the placement of your ponytail holder minimizing breakage to your coif. The best part? It actually looks better with day old hair, so this is the perfect hairstyle for the days you want to skip a wash. 

The Fancy Fishtail

For a high-drama look (especially when you have long hair), pull your strands up into a high ponytail and divide them into two sections. Take a small section of hair from the right side and cross it over the left side, then do the same from left to right. Repeat this motion until you reach the end and secure.

The Bun Braid

hyde ig-198.jpg

Secure your hair into a high pony tail, and braid your hair using the standard three section method, secure with ponytail holder. Then wrap the braid around the base ofyour ponytail and secure it with a bobbypin.

The Not So Basic Ponytail

Section off a mohawk section at the top of the head 2-3” wide. French braid the mohawk section to the crown of the head (or lower for a lower ponytail), secure with an elastic. Gather remaining hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic, and finish it with a braid of your choice (classic 3 strand, fishtail. Style Tip: This style is super secure, great for running!

We would love to hear from YOU! Let us know if you have questions on creating any of the looks above by dropping a comment below! Also, if there are any beauty topics or hair-care secrets you want to know let us know, who knows - the answers might just be in our next blog post! 

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To re-create these gym styles we suggest using Davines Hair Refresher + Volume Boosting Mousse available online or in the salon.

Hairstyles by our fabulous Hairstylist's Haley BobbittZoudi Abraha

Hair Model Hailey Zanutto