Hairstyles, much like fashion are in a constant state of evolution - there is always a new trend to try out, or  a product to pump up the volume - but at the end of the day and no one knows hand crafted hair better than the creators of Hairbrained and the Hairbrained Video Awards.

Deemed one of the most prestigious platforms for innovation within the hair industry,  the Hairbrained video awards celebrates a collaborative community of stylists who showcase their work to inspire other stylists in the field.

So you can imagine our excitement here at Hyde-Edwards Salon & Spa, when our very own James Mould was nominated for Lo-Fi Video of the year,  after showcasing his skills with nothing but an iPhone and some shears.

Make sure to check out the full video here, and for a cut above the rest be sure to book your appointment today with James, or one of our other cutting edge hairstylists here at the salon.