Wonder Worker


Wonder Worker


Air Dry/Blow Dry Multi-tasking Primer

Air dry/blow dry primer with 7 instant benefits that prep the hair for any style: Instantly hydrates, detangles, smoothes, conditions, boosts radiance, tames frizz, and adds silkiness to all hair types. When sprayed before a blow dry, the primer locks in moisture and tames strands for a smooth finish. When used to air dry strands, the formula enhances the hair's natural texture. Safe on color-treated hair. 

Size: 5oz

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  • Smooth Styles
  • Air Dry Styles
  • Blowouts


  1. Apply on towel-dried hair. 
  2. Spray throughout mid-lengths to ends. 
  3. Scrunch texturizing spray into strands for better distribution.
  4. Style as desired. 

HAIR TYPE: For All Hair Types

INGREDIENTS: Moringa flower extract originates from a drought-resistant tree native to the foothills of the Himalayas, and is also known as nature's "Miracle Tree" or "Tree of Life" for its extraordinary medicinal properties. Revered in nature for its incredible resilience and unwavering ability to deliver moisture, Moringa Extract instantly pumps the hair with intense moisture and long-lasting shine.